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(no subject)  
09:52pm 29/05/2010
Still in China, bow waiting to ride a horse.

methinks this is a bad idea folks!
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05:01pm 01/05/2009

I just saw Brian in Tescos...Some one needs to tell him to get a hair cut. He looks pathetic.  Well he is pathetic. But he could at least stop deluding himself that long hair looks good on him.

hahahahhahahahahahaahaaaaa. Sometimes I love my life! I am such a bitch... but he really does make me laugh, I rang Span when I got back and we just giggled for like five minutes solid!

Speaking of Span, we had a picnic on the field today, it was lovely, we chatted about stuff and it was nice.

I was thinking the other night about friendships and stuff. I mean uni has been this huge rollercoaster of meeting people and stuff and I miss some people hugely cos they aren't here anymore but it got me thinking about the idea of having a "best friend".

I've never had one. I have so many people who I love like air, but I'm a selfish little thing sometimes and sometimes it comes back and hurts me. 
Pilch, Tash, Begal, Gem and Serina are still some of my dearest friends, it doesn't matter how pretentious and jumped up I become they will always remember me for the time I got yelled at by Miss Haddock for making daisy-chains when I was supposed to be fielding in rounders, or when I cried in the school production of Yanomamo because "all the trees DIE..sniffle...sob", or when we were coming back from a concert in London and sang all the Spice Girls songs word-perfect, on the train home. Until Mrs Pink told us to shut up. And tehy reember and love me anyway. I met up with Pilch, Tash and Gem over the holidays, Tash and I got into a very vocal discussion about Being Human or something and Pilch was just like, " humm do we have double Chem. next or something?" This was hysterical at the time, but then I ahd been on the rum.

Another incredibly dear group of friends has been the people I've met through my choir. I love them all, and even if they've left and I haven't seen them in YEARS I still love them. We bonded over Beneden buns and music. Its a thing. I think it makes me an appalling friend, I can not talk to people for ages, not for any malicous reason but because I just haven't. It doesn't stop me loving them.

Martin I'd still call one of the best riends I've ever made. I miss chatting about everything under the sun with him. (Oh and if you  read this, How are you?, Like I said rubbish at keeping in contact...). In fact I miss everyone from re-enactment, but its annoyingly moved its time...

I've made some great friends this year, like James who shares my love of tea and chamber music, and Lucy, Julia, Izzy, Katie at Choir and Susan on my floor.

Damnit I could go on for ever, my point is this, can we ever have only one "best friend" ? Surely we have many people we care abouut, and the number only goes up as we get older.

Any way,

peace, love and person-hood!

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08:39am 27/04/2009
So, I finally completed and bound my dissertation last night. which was something of a mission complete with finding out I'd printed the wrong cover sheet, and freaking out slightly.

Then for some bizarre reason my brain came up with this.


Random, fic-let.Collapse )
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(no subject)  
09:36am 01/04/2009

I want in a BIG way...
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On the subject of neckties and kilts  
08:34am 27/02/2009
Now, as I sure many other women will agree, these two articles of clothing automatically make a guy look better.

I went to the History Society Formal last night and, well first isn't it amazing how people scrub up so well when you're used to seeing them in jeans and hoodies? All the ladies looked lovely. I FINALLY got to wear the dress Laura bought me. It looked AWESOME!! I wore it with red tights, a red hair ribbon and red choaker. Looked GREAT.  One girl had the most beautiful poofy silvery dress. Compleatly 1950's debutante. Although I think (name removed in case she reads this...) might have lost weight since she bought  her dress. It was a little ill fitting in the bust.

Anyway. The guys, as I have said before on fairly numerous occasions, a well fitting suit will make any guy look good. This remains true. It is impossible not to look dapper in a good suit. That is why they were invented.

BUT on the subject of neckties, I cannot stand those ones with a little hook and a bow. The only thing they are good for is wearing in my hair. If you want a tie have a proper one. Plus it always looks slick when you untie it at the end of the night. Oh and braces. Black braces and a proper necktie should be obligatory parts of all mens wardrobes.

And kilts. I do have a soft spot for kilts. I think it stems from watching Monarch of the Glen and thinking that anyone who is happy running over the scottish mountains wearing a leather jacket and what amounts to a blanket MUST be awesome. Something about scottish evening dress will always look amazing. All that this amounts to is that I really like kilts on guys. we sould make it compulsory. For like one day a week.

Now I crave Monarch....Damnit.

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mood: geekygeeky
music: Les Chorists
tags: clothes
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(no subject)  
05:50pm 14/01/2009

I was just taking notes  - I WAS I PROMISE!!!!!- and a song came on that made me pause, its Mi Morena by Josh Groban. I was hit by a memory so vivid it was practically tangible. I remember last year, walking through the cobbled old Town in Tours, watching the rain glisten and shine, passing the cathedral lit in the night all blue-green and glorious, and the opera house and the Loire, rushing away beneath the bridge, all inky-black under me. And I remember Place Plumereau, shining, in the streetlight. And I remember over towards the botanical gardens, a little church and the square that used to be a monastery behind it. and l'hotel de ville and Boulevard Beranger under the trees in moonlight and rain.

I should mention its not as random as it might seem, the song is about rain. And so I though about rain....

I walked a lot in the evening in France. It cleared my head and let me see the city at her best. I always took my music and it was glorious. A truly happy year, in a truly beautiful place. I know it waits for me. I shan't forget it.

mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: Josh Groban - You Are Loved
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On Christmas  
12:37pm 22/12/2008
Well I didn't manage to get to choir this weekend, bloody cold has me coughing myself hoarse each night. On the other hand I have been helping decorate the house for the coming festivities.

That is what I wish to discuss. As some people who have been to my house might remember it is sort of late victorian-early edwardian, and as we all know the Victorians invented Christmas. And we kind of go all out with the Victoriana thing this time of year. Its all geese and garlands. I have spent most of this morning fighting with red and gold bows and swags, tomorrow mummy will go to the wood near us and bring in a load of ivy and holly for the rest of the house and we'll spend most of tomorrow trying to tie ivy to the staircase. Its fun, theres always music playing and ribbons as far as the eye can see. Laura and I did the tree last night, we have decided on a no-bauble tree this year, but using all the other decorations. Mummy is sorting out the food today as well which means baking!!

Sometimes I think my frount room was designed for Christmas, it always looks so nice. I just hope I kick this cold before the big day!! Daddy, Laura and I went shopping for Mummy yesterday, she wanted a new camera, we also got her one of those digital picture frames and we're going to upload pictures of us onto it. I bought her some new gloves and a hat that I likes in Accesorize. Because she needs pretty things sometimes. She's too practically minded I think.

I still haven't got Daddy anything, he's hopelessly difficult to buy for, I never know what he wants. Laura and I were thinking of an inspiration finding session in the centre on Christmas eve! Laura's Jumper will be done in time, or shortly after....I'm aiming for on time....

Right I need to clear up the mess I made with ribbon and stuff!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.

location: the Front Room
music: Little Drummer Boy
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Am sick  
09:33pm 17/12/2008
I am not a healthy bunny, I had to pull out of my solo on sunday whch I was not happy about, on the other hand I am now at home with Sharpe and books and knitting. And my parents obviously.

I like being looked after by my parents when I'm ill, it makes me feel about 5.

I'm hoping to kick this blasted thing before Friday cos I have choir. AGAIN. I have no life.

I did get to watch Merlin with Daddy which was nice. I am still convinced that Merlin and Arthur make the cutest couple EVER. Daddy loves the Dragon.

so to recap. Ill. At home. Choir. Merlin.
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mood: sicksick
music: theTV, Sharpe's Challenge
tags: choir, home, ill, merlin
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(no subject)  
08:04am 13/12/2008
SO last nightcould have gone better. I am actually coming down with something. My throat hurts, I have a everything-ache and I keep coughing. And I have a solo on Sunday. That I still cannot get right. Its an amazing aria. Well it would be if I wasnt singing it.I'm  downing honey and lemon like theres no tomorrow right now.

Anyway. I felt rough most of lastnight and I had worn silly shoes. I think I was just too tired to erally get inot it, although the band was fun and it was a good night, it justcould have been better.

We leave for Somerset fairley soon and then its showtime. I need to be able to summen up enough energy to get me through to tuesday. I'll be home on Monday and Tuesday I can just not do anyhting and recuperate. Until then I HAVE to keep going.
location: room again
mood: crappycrappy
music: But who may abide the day of his coming
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Of Drinking,digestive juices and sunrises  
07:52am 12/12/2008
Ok, I will start on a nice note. For anyone awake to witness the sunrise this morning it was glorious, all bronze and crimson. If you look outside right this second its still abit lovely. The clouds areslightly tinged pink and the pale early morning blue of the sky  looks ice cold.

I want out last night as anyone on Face bookwill know. I felt very sick last night...

I do not blame the alcohol, I blame the fizzy water they left on the table. Anyway its another thing ticked off my list of things to do. Although I could forego the need to clean my bathroom at 3 in the morning.

It was an awesome night though.

WE all met in Alice's room at about 6. And got dressed together, dancing to the Spice Girls and Hairspray. Katie and Julia did the most amazing rendition of Moulin Rouge for us. So we had cracked open the Baileys at about 6. And the pink champagne. Everyone looked georgeous, I just WANTED half the dresses that girls wore. I'd also like to FIT IN to half the dresses girls wore, but thats another story. I wore my 1950's cocktail dress and red ribbons and lipstick. I think I looked good. The picktures probably look dire, but before the drunkenness I think I looked good.

So yeah manically bopping to loud music was followed by the dinner. I was slightl annoyed by some of the girls, how hard is it to understand that 'Black tie' means cocktail length or longer. And that cocktail length means below the knee?????? Surely its not a hard concept to understand?

APART from that, and thefact tat annoying people in the choir who winged about paying an extra 7 quid meant we didn't have silver service we had a bloody buffet. I sound like such a snob, but its part of your education. Thats why these things happen in uni, so that in the real world you know how to deal with them. I was on a great table, with some of the girls, not all of them unfortunatly, but some, And Adam and David (who spent the entire evening chatting between themselves. We have decided there might be love in the air.But its still not very polite.) I got a 'the oposite of a port fine' for asking for the bottle of wine, and then saying it had to be passed clockwise around the table, even though it was right on my left. Julia got a port fine for 'mentioning Harry Potter at the table' , I issued Adam with one for getting up from the table and randomly wandering round the room. I know he was organising it but still. You should not leave the table until the end. EVER.

It was a slightly moot point in the end as (because of the idiots who made us have a buffet) there was no cheese course and no port. Which from a morning after point of view was probably a good thing.

The caberet afterwards was a little bit of a letdown to be honest, as only one act actually happened. I know the girls barbershop I was trying to organise never happened but still. It was a funny sketch, although I would probably have found most things funny by that stage. Lucy, lovely thing that she is, kept me from falling over and impaleing myself on my heels. Or something. I dont know how that would happen, possibly anatomically impossible. 

THen we headed over to crosslands, Alice lovely lady that she is, got me a gin and  cranberry. Which Katie then took off me. Sensible person. 

WE headed up to Alice's room a bit later on. Where the others wimped out and went home. Something about 9 o'clock lectures. One of Alice's french friends came in and I actually managed to have a whole conversation with her, without seeming wierd or scary. Which I think is an achievement.
Lucy,Ben and Nic came up and someone though it was a good idea to give me whiskey. And then we had a chat about fencing and music and life the universe and everything. 

THEN cos they are lovely, they all walked me home, although I live 4 minutes away at the other end of campus. 

So the sickness is obviously COMPLEATLY the fault of the bubbly water.

location: bed
mood: sicksick
music: Every little thing she does is magic - John Barrowmen version
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